About Our Program

With the Dermalogics acne program,  we combine the most effective non-prescription and prescription-strength acne products. Our program is delivered by physicians who understand acne not only from an aesthetic stand-point, but also from a clinical one.

Our program is further enhanced by our holistic approach that takes into account scientific data about diet and life-style for helping maintain clear skin.

Note: Our program prescribes only topical (topical means that the medications works on the surface of the skin closer to the acne lesions) prescription-strength medication for cases that are more severe and that are slow to respond to other treatment.

Studies now question the effectiveness of oral antibiotics in acne treatment since the bacterial component of acne is just one small contributing factor. It is also known that oral antibiotics do not effectively concentrate at therapeutic levels within the skin, which is where acne lesions reside.

To learn more about acne, it’s effective management, managing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and getting certified in the use of our system, please fill out the contact form.

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