Who is eligible to do the Dermalogics Certification Program?

Doctors, Dentists, Physician assistants, since the success of treatment also relies on the use of prescription strength acne medications.

How is this program different?

We focus on results based on sound scientific facts, and with protocols known to work. Our system recognizes the exceptional ability of the skin to adapt, which is a major reason why acne treatments fail. With using a variety of treatment modalities, we can develop effective protocols before the skin can learn to adapt.

Will I need specialized equipment and peels in my practice?

These are highly recommended for consistent results – The Melanopen™ Fractional Medical Microneedling Device ($500), The Melanopeel® range of Mandelic Acid Peels (Pure Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Blend, TCA Blend, Glycolic Blend, and Lactic Blend). Also recommended, but not necessary are a microdermabrasion machine, and an LED light blue therapy machine.

I do not have any experience at treating acne patients and patients with aesthetic skin discolorations. Will I be successful at treating patients after completing the course?

Yes. Our course is easy and simple to follow. Remember that acne treatments are not an exact science, and trial and error may be necessary to control certain patients. Proper patient counseling is necessary before commencing treatments, as patient compliance is a key factor to success. This, along with the proper understanding of acne prescription and non-prescription products will ensure that your treatments will be effective.

How long will the products last for the patients?

Each treatment serum is dosed to last 10-12 weeks, or the equivalent of 3 skin renewal cycles. This prevents unwanted acclimatization of the skin ensuring that the treatments remain effective.

SectionI am a patient. How can I purchase the products?

Products can be purchased directly through your physician. If your physician does not carry the line, you can recommend that they do. Alternatively, you can do an online consultation with us, and we can direct you to a physician to dispense your recommended products (USA & Caribbean).