DNA Power Repair SPF 25



Use our potent SPF 25 antiaging cream with the patented Preventhelia® DNA cell protector,  to help quickly reduce signs of aging, smooth wrinkles, firm the skin, and increase longevity of healthy skin cells.

Price: $50.00


Defy aging with our potent anti-aging SPF 25 skin cream, with regenerative properties. This new-generation  cream contains an ultra-potent blend of powerful anti-oxidants, retinol, co-enzyme Q10, and the patented Preventhelia® DNA cell protector. This protector guards against DNA UV damage to cells, repairs cells, and prevents premature aging. Our repair cream firms and improves skin texture without irritation.

• Aging skin

• Sun ultra-violet protection (UVA & UVB)
• Loose skin
• Antioxidants protect from damaging elements
• Fine lines / wrinkles
• Firms skin
• Increases skin elasticity

Ideal for: Aging skin. Face and neck use.
Skin Color:  Safe for all skin colors.


How to Use Use 2-3 dosed pumps daily before sun exposure. Can be applied over active serums after they have dried. Can be worn under makeup. Apply with clean fingertips. Can be used face & neck. Use with our Venom DNA Corrector and Stem Cell DNA Corrector for enhanced wrinkle-reducing results.
Ingredients TARGETED CONCENTRATED INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Sun protection: Titanium dioxide 2%, Octinoxate 7%, Avobenzone 2% Octisalate 5 % Anti-aging: Preventhelia®: DNA and ultra violet protective peptide to decrease rate of aging, and reverse sun damage Ubiquinone: CoQ10, a natural antiaging coenzyme that protects the skin and reverses signs of aging.
Size 30ml