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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of medical skin specialists have a combined experience of over two decades with dispensing of physician grade regimes to patients. We specialize in acne, hyperpigmentation & aging skin concerns. We can advise on the best product combinations based on your budget, your goals, & your current skin care routine.

Yes. The products we use can all be safely combined with other skin care lines. We provide guidelines on how to incorporate into your current regime.

Our team of medical skincare experts can be contacted via WhatsApp to place your final order. We can make further recommendations if needed to streamline your regime for the best results.

We ship internationally via DHL. If you already have a DHL account, please let us know so that you can save on shipping charges.

Shipping charges will vary depending on your location. We ship via DHL. If you hold an account with FedEx, please let us know so that we can use this shipping method.

Any other questions? Please contact us.

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