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Bio Blue Serum


Bio-Blue™ Corrective Serum features Bakuchiol & a proprietary concentrated anti-oxidant rich phyto-blend designed for skin protection & hydration.

This Bakuchiol blend is perfectly balanced skin-nourishing azulene-rich oils (which gives the natural blue hue), plus anti-oxidants, essential skin lipids, natural oil tannins, catechins, and astringents.

Reduce oily skin, acne breakouts, and energize aging skin with vitamin E, linolenic acid, vitamin F, and potent botanical phytosterols. A 100 % natural skin balancing treatment.

This completely plant-based oil serum is designed to be compatible with acne-prone skin, and highly beneficial to aging skin. Use as directed by your physician.

Best for:
  • + Acne-prone skin
  • + Inflamed skin
  • + Aging skin
  • + Large pores & Oily skin
  • + Pigmentation
  • + Melasma
  • + Rosacea
  • + Sensitive skin
  • + Sun-damaged skin
  • + Post procedure repair


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Bio Blue Serum


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